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About the Campaign

4th of July Funding campaign.

We are reaching out to any who have an interest in the scfestivities 4th of July breakfast and fireworks. It has been a community tradition for people to come and enjoy at no cost for many years. We want to continue this tradition but we need your help with donations to achieve this.
The past few years has brought so many people together, the healing, the love and friendship that has been demonstrated is monumental. What your donation will help with is, breakfast, bounce house activity for children, watermelon, and fireworks. There are other items as well that are incorporated in the production of the day. We sincerely need your help, great or small. Thank you for being a part of bringing our community’s back together. To make a donation go to, we are a nonprofit organization, can offer tax right off for your donation.

For business’s or individuals that donate $500 or more we want to add your name to our sponsors tab in the website as an advertising and acknowledgment of your support. At your request we can make your name and donation private. Thank you to all that have helped this be the success it was the past few years.
Sincerely from

Scfestivities founder and committee
George Jessop

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Milton & Lenore Holm


We hope We can all help one another heal 👨🏻‍⚕️👩🏻‍⚕️

Michael Ray Lewis


Had a blast! Definitely deserves a donation!

Shirly Johnson


Last year was amazing! I can't wait for this year!