Our goal is to create events and opportunities for residents of the Short Creek Valley and surrounding communities to come together as equals and to exchange ideas as friends.

We are determined to rebuild our communities

Short Creek Festivities is a committee of life long residents of the combined communities, Hildale Utah, Colorado City, and Centennial Park Arizona, with the exception of Brody Olson. Brody is not originally from the communities but is very much loved and accepted as such. We are determined to rebuild our communities and see them begin to thrive economically and socially.

Our goal is to create events and opportunities for residents of the Short Creek Valley and surrounding communities to come together as equals and to exchange ideas as friends.

In the spring of 2015 George and Miriam Jessop, along with Harvey Dockstader, founded Short Creek Festivities, and organized a July 4th celebration again after 13 years of no community celebrations of any kind. The attendance was expected to reach 250-500 people, a good turnout considering the massive number of residents who had left the community. George sent invites daily from the Facebook event page asking everyone to share and invite anyone they thought may have an interest. The number of responses soon reached 2000-2500, but on the day of the event we estimated 5000 people came. The healing that took place on this day changed our community. It ignited the flame to rekindle old friendships and make new relationships with people who were previously separated by religious beliefs.

Since that day there has been a constant stream of people who previously left the community, some claiming they would never come back, returning to reclaim their homes.

The July 4th events in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 were met with equal success. 2020 had a parade only due to COVID-19 restrictions. We expect this healing success to continue to grow with each July 4th event.

Short Creek Festivities is recognized by the IRS as a nonprofit public charity. Our IRS identification number is 82-0700914. It is our hope that we can raise the funds to make our community a fun and happy place.

Our committee

If you wish to be involved here are the committee contacts.

George Jessop

CEO & Founder

George has lived in these twin communities his whole life. He has a special appreciation for the beautiful landscape and area region. He has a beautiful family of 12 children, a loving and amazing companion Miriam, has been married to her for 27 years. The last 20 years he has spent serving others in the communities, working at the local hardware store, cooking for the community festivities which he enjoyed doing and still enjoys doing. He is active in seeing industry in our communities grow by being involved with the Uzona chamber of commerce, and is currently self employed as a appliace service and repairman, has people ask him to cater wedding parties and family functions quite often. He loves seeing people getting their lives back together after the jeffs dynasty. George looks forward to seeing many of his friends and family return to the home town they was once a part of even if its just for one day, the 4th of July.”

Darlene Stubbs

Committee Member

Darlene Stubbs was born in Hildale, UT and grew up in Colorado City, AZ. Her grandfather, Louis J. Barlow, was instrumental in the growth and improvement of Short Creek and provided a great source of inspiration for her. Growing up in the Twin Cities of Hildale and Colorado City, Darlene developed a tenacious work ethic managing a drive-thru restaurant and helping her father manage the Barlow University and KCCA radio station. Whether delivering flyers as a teenager, or participating in garbage cleanup alongside the highway, community involvement was, and still is, one of Darlene’s top priorities.

Darlene enjoys travelling the world with her husband Lawrence Stubbs, who is also a product of Hildale, UT, running marathons, mountain biking, volunteering at animal shelters and spending time with close friends and family. Helping create and plan events that bring people together gives her a great sense of accomplishment and joy. Being able to assist in the planning and execution of the Short Creek 4th of July celebration has been one of the highlights of her life, and she is beyond excited to see the community pulling together and mending after the rough patch it has been through!

Harvey Dockstader

Committee Member

Harvey brings a blend of distinct skills with over thirty-five years experience, ranging from Direct Sales & Sales Management to Training, Business Consulting, Personal Development & Network Marketing . A true entrepreneur at heart, Harvey began his career as the owner/operator of a small construction company. Based on his humble beginnings, he fully understands the lifecycle of a small to medium sized business along with the challenges they experience. Over his career, he has led mastermind groups, mind mapped conceptual system architecture from wireframe mockup and content layout through development and final roll out. Harvey has built numerous large sales teams in record time and with one company, he achieved the rank of International Marketing Director in nine months, the first in this non-consumable product direct sales company’s history. Harvey considers his marriage of thirty-six years, seven children and seven grandchildren among his greatest achievements which is a testament to his loving character.

Villia Holm

Committee Member

Villia Holm has been doing bookkeeping and accounting for more than 30 years. Born and raised in Hildale, she spent many hours of her childhood outdoors, enjoying the beautiful mountains and surrounding area of Short Creek. Her father was one of the main supporters of bringing businesses and industry to the community, and she was raised to be very civic minded. Her parents had a great love for the area, and instilled that love into their children. She has been heard to joke about having “crick sand in her blood.” Married to Thomas Holm in 1985, she started keeping the books for his construction business, and together they were able to establish a very successful company which provided employment to many. Villia has many years of experience in an office, mostly in the construction industry. She is currently an Arizona Notary Public, and has been for 15 years. In addition to bookkeeping, she has experience with banking, insurance, bonding, licensing and payroll services. Villia is a consultant for personal income tax preparation, and gets fulfillment in teaching others new skills and helping people succeed. She has been involved in community projects and events all through the years, and is anxious to see more growth and success in the area.”

Miriam Jessop

Committee Member

Miriam is a lifetime resident of a the Short Creek area. She is mother to 12 children and is very interested in the development of places and things to do in the community that are oriented to children…


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